4 Benefits to a Medicare Supplemental Plan with Judy Wright Insurance

4 Benefits to a Medicare Supplemental Plan with Judy Wright Insurance

If you're approaching retirement, odds are, you are thinking about your healthcare coverage and figuring out Medicare. Here at Judy Wright Insurance in Myrtle Beach, we are specialists when it comes to helping our customers choose the right Medicare plan for them. Learn about four benefits to a Medicare Supplement Plan (also called Medigap) below, and contact us today!

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Helps Cover Healthcare Costs

Medicare Supplemental Plans can help cover some of the costs that Medicare does not, such as copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. Remember that Medicare Supplement is private insurance that is in addition to Original Medicare, which is Part A and Part B.

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Additional Healthcare Coverage

Medicare Supplemental plans can offer additional coverage for healthcare which are not typically covered by Medicare. It helps with copays, coinsurance, and deductibles, which are typically out-of-pocket expenses.

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Helps Budget Healthcare Costs

Medicare Supplemental plans can help you budget for your health care costs by providing a set monthly premium. There are many different types of Medicare Supplement Plans available, so speaking to a Medicare expert and insurance broker, such as Judy Wright Insurance in Myrtle Beach, can ensure you have the right coverage for your needs.

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Peace of Mind For Seniors

Medicare Supplemental Plans can give you peace of mind by knowing that you have additional coverage in case of an unexpected health event. They are available for anyone age 65 and older who are enrolled in Original Medicare Part B. Speak to a knowledgeable Medicare agent to find the right plan for you.


Judy Wright Insurance agents offer years of experience helping seniors find the right Medicare coverage for them. If you are interested in Medicare Supplemental Plans in the Myrtle Beach area, schedule a free consultation today!

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